Employee Purchase Plan

Employee Purchase Plan assists University employees in acquiring personal micro computers from the Campus Computer Store. The Plan offers:

  • preferential pricing for the initial computer purchase
  • the availability of loan arrangements (if desired) by regular full-time employees

What do I need to buy?

The only requirement is that you purchase a personal computer from the Campus Computer Store and you are also entitled to purchase printers, software and supplies at the special EPP pricing, but the purchase must be as a package in a single transaction.

What is Preferential Pricing?

Preferential pricing allows you to receive a special one-time discount of 5% off our low personal selling price.

If more than one computer is being purchased on the same order the 5% discount will only apply to one.

How Does the Loan Arrangement Work?

Maximum loan is $4,000 and payable over a term not to exceed 24 months and can be deducted from your monthly pay cheque. The current interest rate is 6%.

Other Interesting, but Important Facts!

There is no penalty for early payoff.

Your next computer purchase may be financed through payroll deduction once your first loan has been paid in full.